Agralan Thrips Control

Agralan Thrips Control

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Agralan Thrips Control 

Thrips are small, slim brown insects about 2-3mm in length. They are difficult to spot on plants as  they are often in the growing points or buds. They cause leaf and flower speckling or distortion. 

Control with Amblyseius Breeder Sachets (ABS) 

Amblyseius is a predatory mite that will feed on the thrips larvae. In addition they will help control a wide range of mites, including Red Spider Mite. ABS contain bran and bran mites that the Amblyseius breed on. They then continuously emerge from the sachets, producing thousands of predatory mites over a period of 6 weeks. Very simple to use - just hang the sachets in the plants. The ideal temperature for ABS is 15-25ºC.