Agralan 'Glasshouse Whitefly Control'

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What are Whiteflies?

Whiteflies are small, white bugs resembling flies as adults, which lay their eggs on the underside of leaves. They are huge sapsuckers of plants and can consume large amounts of sap if they are left untreated. The eggs hatch and the larval stages (scales) feed on the plant and produce copious amounts of honeydew, in which sooty moulds will grow on. Indoor plants are most vulnerable e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers and fuchsias. 

Control with Encarsia wasp

Tiny parasitic wasps which lay eggs in the whitefly scale. The Encarsia larva kills the scale which turns black before a new adult Encarsia emerges. Supplied on cards that are simply hung in the plants. Repeat applications are advisable if the problem is severe. 

Use regular introductions between April and August for effective control.  

Where pest numbers are high or when temperature is above 16°C, Agralan Whitefly Killer should be used to reduce the numbers of adult whiteflies. It is safe to use with biological control.