Bumblebee Nesting Box

Bumblebee Nesting Box

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Agralan Bumble Bee Nesting Box

Bumblebees are of immense value in the garden as they are highly effective pollinators and are not aggressive.

A bumble bee colony lasts for one season. Over winter the queens hibernate, usually in a hole in the ground.

In the spring the queen emerges from hibernation, when her first needs are to feed and find a nest to raise a colony.

By installing a nest in the garden you will encourage a colony of bumble bees to your garden. This colony will pollinate your fruit and vegetables throughout the season.

The nest

The Agralan bumble bee nest is constructed of timber, comprising an outer and inner chamber. Within the inner chamber is a piece of cotton waste which is ideal material for nest building. Ventilation is provided by a small opening covered with fine mesh net.

The lid may be removed to inspect progress of the nest through the transparent inner lid.

The nest is best sited at ground level out of direct sunlight. It should be in place by the end of March as the first bees are likely to emerge from hibernation during April.

During the summer a colony of bees will develop, with the ‘workers’ foraging for pollen and nectar, during which activity they will effectively pollinate many plants.

At the end of the season

As winter approaches, a number of queens which have been reared during the season will move away from the nest to hibernate until the following spring. The remainder of the colony will then die out.

To re-use the nest the old nesting material should be removed and the interior cleaned (preferably using Citrox). It may then be stored over winter and set out again the following spring with a fresh supply of nesting material.

  • Encourage bumble bees to live in your garden
  • Made from sustainable timber
  • Includes bedding and instructions

Length: 26cm Height: 17cm Width (including shelter) : 15cm